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Because: We enable anyone to access the eCommerce boom. With 150 employees, we guide successful and growing eCommerce brands. With our Full-Service eCommerce platform, we have established a complete infrastructure for the eCommerce market - Our platform offers the possibility to acquire instant working capital to avoid running out of stock, including a transparent insight into all KPIs and data for the brand owner, as well as every essential tool and service, in order to successfully manage the own eCommerce brand. This means, SCALE UP GROUP offers the One-Stop-Solution for all eCommerce brands.

Now you might be wondering, how and where to work at SCALE UP GROUP? We work independently on our projects, connected with many internal experts all around the world — whether by the sea, in the mountains, on the road in a camper, in a café ... as long as you have access to the internet, anything is possible. Does this sound like the perfect job to you? Then apply for one of the vacancies or send us a speculative application.


Learn first hand, what it's like to work with us.

Sourcing Department

Hi, my name is Ranjith. I work in the sourcing team. I work and travel and I currently live in Leipzig.

I work with a team of 8 people in the Sourcing Department. Our sourcing team is an international team. Therefore, we are responsible for sourcing the best quality products from Asia and Europe and we also coordinate the product testing and logistics process. Our goal is to source the best quality products. On a daily basis, we talk to our SCALE UP GROUP colleagues from China about products, logistics, testing standards, etc.

My job is really interesting as you have interesting tasks every day. I always have to think about solutions and there are no boring days.

The best part for me is the opportunity to work remotely, so that I can travel and work anywhere in Europe. All colleagues are super friendly so I don't have feel as if I was working from home.

I really enjoy the opportunity to work remotely because I can surf, run or do other kinds of sport after 12 o’clock. With SCALE UP GROUP, I really have the freedom to work and do all other activities.

I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues!

Ranjith from the Sourcing Department

Brand Building Department

Hi, my name is Ayda Alizadeh. I work remotely at SCALE UP GROUP in the Brand Building Department and I live in Bergisch Gladbach.

Currently, I am working together with three great people in my team. As the name "Brand Building Department" suggests, we build different brands for the clients in our department.

We have a variety of tasks, which start, for example, with finding a suitable manufacturer in order to maximize our customers’ success on the market. The success of our clients is conditioned by the market analysis and quality control of the products we select. The great thing about our department is that we are always learning something new. What I like most is that we work on an international level and are therefore continuously in contact with (mostly Asian) cultures. Our goal is stable long-term growth for our company and our customers. In order to make this possible, we often have online meetings in which we discuss current topics within our team.  

Working remotely has advantages concerning both time and geography.

Since I like to get up early to make as much of my day as possible, I can start working right away in the morning. Since we have a core time between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., it really suits my work schedule because I am easily accessible at that time.

I especially like that I can be geographically flexible, so I can even combine my vacation with work.

During my breaks, I really like to cook and then come back to my workplace full of energy. Furthermore, I also like to use my breaks to read.

I am very happy to welcome new colleagues and look forward to a great and exciting time!

Kind regards from the Brand Building Department

Ayda Alizadeh

Product Development

Hi, I'm Jonas and I live in Hannover. I am part of the Product Development team and I like to work from sunny countries.

My team and I are constantly on the lookout for new exciting and promising products that will enable our customers to start their own profitable eCommerce business. Therefore, we analyze various marketplaces, further elaborate initial product ideas and stay in close contact with our Client Success Managers and also our colleagues in Asia.

The start of our product search is always purely data-based. Using professional software and various tools, I search for markets and niches on Amazon where we can place a new product for our clients. I use various analytical methods to further flesh out our product ideas and deliver the final result of our work in the form of a presentation to our Client Success Managers. My job is exciting and varied, demanding just the right mix of analytical thinking, creativity and a strong service mindset from me every day.

Before I started working at SCALE UP GROUP, I had a "normal" job in an office. What bothered me the most was that I spent more than 1 ½ hours every day just for the commute. Time that I can use much more meaningfully today. Working remotely gives me maximum flexibility and at the same time allows me to work in a much more concentrated and efficient manner.

For a very long time, it has been my dream to be able to combine traveling with my job. All I need is an internet connection and I can then set up my office wherever the sun shines. Spain, Greece, or maybe Thailand?

When I'm in Germany, I enjoy the flexible working hours and often go to the gym during my lunch break, a great trick to fight the midday slump!

I'm looking forward to meeting new colleagues!

Jonas, Product Development

Client Success Management

I'm Madleen, 29 years young and I currently live and work alternately in my home state of Thüringen and in Baden-Württemberg, where I originally come from.

Since August 2021 I am now a member of the SCALE UP GROUP family and I work in the department of Client Success Management as an account manager.

Our department is responsible for the support and communication with our customers who have booked our Done4You service.

In our department, we are more or less the go-between of our clients and the other departments that are responsible for the individual phases of a project, e.g. product development, sourcing, the design team and the pre-launch and launch team.

In other words, we always keep our customers up to date, obtain the information they need for their project and are their very personal contact for queries and in the event of problems arising. In doing so, we build up a good relationship with each customer we support and communicate not only via e-mail, but also via zoom calls so that the customer also gets to know us personally and vice versa.

We accompany our customers from the very beginning until the successful launch of their product, i.e. from product development, sourcing and pre-launch to the final launch phase.

As an account manager, you get to know a wide variety of people, solve problems as they arise, and it's always varied, because no two days are ever the same. There is no monotony at all, because every project and every customer are different. Therefore, a lot of knowledge of human nature and good communication skills are required, as we are always in direct contact with our various customers. In addition to our German clients, there are also many customers from the USA and the UK that we work together with. Therefore, we also speak a lot of English, as we are always in contact with our American and British customers.

We are a mouthpiece, a mediator and a companion all in one, and we are a great team consisting of the most diverse personalities, backgrounds and spread all over this colorful world.

In terms of working from home, I particularly like the opportunity to flexibly allocate my own time and not have to rigidly adhere to the classic 9to5 schedule. The chance to work from anywhere is also something that I really, really appreciate.

Whether it's in the middle of nowhere or from my kitchen, as long as I have an internet connection and my laptop, I can now work from anywhere and discover new places at the same time. That's why I'm going to travel for the first time and work remotely, just like many of my colleagues already do.

As far as work-life balance is concerned, I'm still finding my rhythm and trying to create a structure for myself - yoga and my running group are my sports balance, and I've also recently started trying meditation because it really allows you to switch off and clear your head. Of course, there's no one-size-fits-all recipe because everyone is different but at some point, you get your own personal knack for balancing work and private life. Metaphorically speaking, I'm currently putting together the ingredients for my own recipe, which will be changed from time to time.

I'm looking forward to meeting new colleagues!

Madleen, Client Success Management

Design Department

My name is Andritto Abdul Ghaffar. Originally, I come from Jakarta, Indonesia, but I am fortunate enough to be a part of the SCALE UP GROUP Design Team as a working student, while finishing my engineering degree in Duisburg, Germany.

As a full-service amazon platform, SCALE UP GROUP provides a remarkable service for its clients to scale up their products by bringing marketing and development values to their brand and products. As a designer, we try to ensure our client’s brand are properly represented. From logos, packaging and other printable assets to listing, advertising and corporate designs, we are constantly creating and developing new designs every day to make sure that we deliver these values to scale up their business.

The design team works closely together with other departments, such as sourcing and product development. What we do as designers on a daily basis is quite interesting, and it’s possibly what you would normally see on your amazon page or even your doorstep. Depending on the clients, we could start from building the brand image for the client from scratch. This means we have to design the logo and the design etiquette that develops around the brand. Although in some cases, the brands could have also established their trademark beforehand. What we do in the next phase is designing the packaging and other printable materials that goes with it, including manual book, greetings card, posters, and more. This is one of the most interesting part, since we have to make sure that the design is up to the standards and not flawed, therefore the products will be delivered to the customer’s home with the best quality possible. But before the product is delivered, the customer has to buy it first, right? What you see on the amazon page of the products also came from our workstations. We also design the advertisements/infographics for the product listings on Amazon. Well, this is where our marketing skills are tested, since what we essentially aim is to acquire customers through our captivating designs. 

Although I have to admit that it is not exactly an easy task, especially with the number of products that keeps growing on fast pace. But it is quite an awesome and refreshing job! On top of that, SCALE UP GROUP provides flexibility of schedule and location for us. As a student, this is very critical for me as I have educational responsibilities too. With the flexibility provided, I am able to manage my professional and educational time more efficiently. Not only that it gives me an opportunity to dive into the professional world, but this job also motivates me to finish my studies without interrupting it. I also think that by having this flexibility, I can multiply my productivity since I am not limited to time and location. It’s just…wonderful!

Since I have been working at SCALE UP GROUP, I feel like I have more control over my life. This experience has taught me how to balance my personal and professional life on a different level. The possibility is endless. I have been able to be productive, but at the same time keeping my private and social life on track. It gives me the opportunity to travel and work at the same time, too! Which I think is a great plus. All and all, working in SCALE UP GROUP has been a priceless experience.

I'm looking forward to meeting new colleagues!

Andritto Abdul Ghaffar
Brandbuilding/ Design

Sourcing Department

My name is Guitong Li, I live in Berlin, I work for the sourcing department as a buyer.

My department takes over a project after the product development decides what kind of product we should buy for a certain client. I then talk to our colleagues in China and make decisions on the next steps based on calculation results and required product quality.

When there are complicated issues involved in the communication with Chinese suppliers, I am able to solve the issues quicker and avoid misunderstanding with the Chinese language. I also need to communicate very often with other departments in German. Clear communication is the key!

I like working in home office because I can have more freedom in arranging my days. No wasted time in the busy traffic or too much micromanagement when it comes to using an office. Thanks to working remote, I also get to manage my projects more independently and focused.

I am a hobby programmer and performing musician, so this job gives me room to develop my hobby by means of more flexibility and less mental burden from work.

I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues!

Guitong Li, Sourcing Department

Sourcing Department

Hi, this is Bufang Zhang from China. I have 10 years working experience in import and export and I joined SCALE UP GROUP early 2020 and since then I have been working in the sourcing department.

It has been almost two years for me in this great team. I am mainly responsible for sourcing different products for the Amazon clients, who are mostly from Europe and the US and I also help the business development department with price enquiries for them to develop new products. I really enjoy what I do and it is a bit of a challenge for us to always find the products to pass REACH, POPS, LFGB, FDA and California Prop65, but this is what we should do and this is to guarantee clients with good products.

I feel really lucky to join this wonderful team and we all work together for the same purpose: Helping our clients and promoting their business. A good part of this job is that I can arrange my time flexibly since it is remote work and I always make a list of work I should do every day and I feel quite content when I accomplish the to-do list for each day. It is more about self-discipline and I really appreciate this opportunity for me to know myself better and organize my personal life and working life better. Another good part of this job opportunity is that I can be with my little girl more because I don’t need to spend time on commuting and I can always be there when she needs me.

Now both my husband and I work for SCALE UP GROUP and we have an apartment in the same community for working and storing samples. Thus we can separate our professional life and private life. We both enjoy the way of working and the sense of achievement we have each day. 

I think no words can tell how grateful I feel about our amazing team and how much I enjoy working with you guys. I want you to feel what I feel. I will not hesitate to recommend you to work for our team and join our big family here! 

I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues!

Bufang, Sourcing


Hey, my name is Katharina and I work mainly for AMZSCALE UK Ltd (Subsidiary of SCALE UP GROUP in UK). My little family and I live in Sweden - apart from working from there, I work from Germany and Mallorca as well.

AMZSCALE UK Ltd (Subsidiary of SCALE UP GROUP in UK) was just founded and we are in the early stages. With the small team we sell our doneforyou service and manage the customers from the UK. The next steps are scaling the UK entity in order to also integrate the other services that we offer.

My role within SCALE UP GROUP has been very diverse from the beginning, with a focus on personal and business growth. I started with being responsible for the Sales in the UK. Over the time, my responsibility has shifted to creating and developing AMZSCALE UK Ltd (Subsidiary of SCALE UP GROUP in UK) and in connection to that, building the Sales and Client Success Management team. My working field is very diversified and not a day is like the other. Being a big part of creating a new subsidiary and in some ways building my own little company with SCALE UP GROUP is super exciting and makes working a fun part of my life.

When I was hired by SCALE UP GROUP in 2020, I was already pregnant. But instead of being rejected, I was encouraged and welcomed to the team knowing that a couple of months later I would be dropping out for some time. Through being fully remote, I was able to, already during my pregnancy, organize my working hours to match my needs and even work from my bed when I wasn’t feeling too great or could not sit on a chair anymore instead of having to call in sick. Just three months after our wonderful son was born, SCALE UP GROUP made it possible for me to come back to work with just a few hours per day. Being able to be a full-time mom at home and at the same time still develop a career path is a big game changer. Currently we have even taken it one step further - my partner is on parental leave for 6 month and I work 100%. Thanks to working remotely this is possible because I can still be around 24/7 for our son and at the same time work full time. Being able to match up my family life with my working life is not the only benefit.  In addition to that, the flexible working hours give me the opportunity to enjoy my big passion - road cycling - either during an extended lunch break or an afterwork ride by ending the day earlier, since working hours can be done either early in the morning or even on the weekend. SCALE UP GROUPs amazing way of understanding that focusing on flexible working hours, work-life-balance and remote work from everywhere is something I never want to miss again. Not only because it has a great impact on my family life, but also because it gives us the opportunity to spend longer stays on our favorite island Mallorca or with my family in Germany without having to use up holidays while doing so.

I'm looking forward to meeting new colleagues!

Katharina Thöne, AMZSCALE UK Ltd (Subsidiary of SCALE UP GROUP in UK)

Sales Department

Hey! I'm Alina and I work in the sales team for the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) at SCALE UP GROUP. My job is to establish the initial contact with our potential investors. In doing so, I live, work and study in Darmstadt and I work 100% from home.

The sales team is responsible for the entire process between getting to know each other, providing information and closing an offer. It is especially important for us to talk to our potential partners at eye level in order to establish even closer contact.

Like everyone else in our sales team, I am very communicative and proactive. These elements are very important in our work, as we have to adapt to each potential client individually in order to get the best out of a partnership. Therefore, it's very easy for me to call and talk to potential clients who are still strangers to me.

And since I get in contact with so many different people every day, my work always remains exciting and informative. Because every potential investor has different motives for working with us and different ways of building up their business with us.

At the same time, our department is constantly in flux and is always making new improvements and innovations in order to be able to adapt to the rapid growth of the company as well as the state of the art in technology.

Working remotely is ideal for me personally, as it allows me to spend my breaks with people that I’m closest with, saving valuable time each day because I don’t lose any time for traveling and allowing me to work more effectively. At the same time, I can separate my private life from work very well, as I have set up an extra room for this purpose, where I can talk on the phone without being disturbed.

As a student, I sometimes have very irregular schedules, so one of the biggest advantages for me is that I can schedule my working hours very flexibly and thus combine both my studies and SCALE UP GROUP very well.

I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues!

Alina from the Sales Team

Frontend Developer

Hi. I'm Stefan, Senior Frontend Developer from Hamburg, and I've been part of the AMZ.TOOLS team since day one.

AMZ.TOOLS is a toolset that supports Amazon Seller on a day-to-day basis with all its minor and major challenges. It has been our goal from the beginning to become the leading dealer platform. Now in 2022, we have, in SCALE UP GROUP, found a partner with whom we can pursue this vision together.

I am mainly responsible for the frontend, which means providing our users with all the tools in an intuitive interface.

The framework we use is React. The component-based structure enables us to program even large applications like AMZ.TOOLS in a well-structured and clear way. The Virtual Dom ensures that, even with increasing complexity, we don't have to make any performance compromises.

In my private life, I also enjoy programming applications, and look for small projects to try out new things. During the past few years, among other things, I have developed a browser game and a live tracking app for runners.

I really enjoy the benefits of the flexible working environment. On the one hand, I like the company of my colleagues in the office, the opportunity to go for a run during my lunch break, or to go on a collective hunt for the best falafel in town. On the other, I also appreciate the advantages of working from home.

I look forward to seeing the team grow in the coming months.


Backend Developer

Hi. I'm Christian, I've lived in beautiful Hamburg for more than 10 years, and I'm Senior Web Developer at AMZ.TOOLS.

AMZ.TOOLS is an online platform for Amazon Seller. It supports the user in selling their own products profitably, while keeping a constant eye on all the key figures and data.

Our goal is to become the leading dealer platform, and with SCALE UP GROUP we have found a partner with whom we can pursue this goal.

I am responsible for the backend, and process large amounts of data from different sources to make it available to the frontend for our users. The range of tasks in the backend is therefore very diverse. On the server side, everything is developed in node.js. This includes the creation of interfaces for communication with various services, the setup and administration of database servers, and the generation of automated processes for data aggregation.

Whether working out solutions to problems, or exchanging ideas with my colleagues, working in our office is very pleasant, and it's fun. In addition, I particularly like the flexible working arrangements. I can use my lunch break to do some physical activity; for example, I can go for a run with my colleagues, or use the fitness equipment in the office basement.

I also appreciate the opportunity to work from home or remotely at any time. As a new dad, for example, I can spend much more time with my young daughter.

I am looking forward to welcoming more colleagues to our team!

Christian, AMZ.TOOLS

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