We build and scale profitable Amazon Brands for our clients

In our popular ‘Done4You’ Full-Service we take over every single step from scratch, to build-up your very own Amazon FBA-Business. Our core team have already successfully build-up their very own Amazon FBA-Brands, meaning their knowledge comes from practice. Your advantage by choosing the ‘Done4You’ Service: You neither need any Know-How, nor big time-invest. With your own Amazon FBA-Business we will generate a passive income stream for you, while keeping your work/input at a minimum.


How it works


Detailed Research & Sourcing

Our team develops your unique brand idea and finds the right supplier based on the goals we define together.


Your brand is launched on Amazon

Our Marketing team will devise an effective strategy to ensure your brand is successful from the start.


Brand Optimizing and Scaling

We keep track of all KPIs continuously. We optimize and fine tune your product listing for maximum performance.


International Brand

Our global infrastructure allows us to scale your brand internationally into Amazon EU & US.


What clients say about us

Read what our clients have to say about partnering with us.

More Testimonials

In AMZSCALE’s Done4You service I saw an opportunity to finally be able to participate in the eCommerce boom despite my full-time job. The collaboration with the entire team has been and continues to be impressively competent, professional and always friendly.

Tim A.
Done4You Client

It has long been a goal of mine to create my own successful eCommerce brand.  AMZSCALE has turned this goal into a reality by laying a strong foundation for my business.  The launch of my first product was very successful, thanks to the extremely qualified team.

Ewa S.
Done4You Client

Your Advantages summarized

We enable investors to profit from the eCommerce boom by building, financing and scaling their very own Amazon brand for them.

No Effort

We take over the entire process of the Amazon FBA business model for you. Our experienced team ensures that your products launch as quickly as possible and generate sales right away.

Combined Knowledge

Our team is filled with experts. Our product development team delivers a unique product, oversees production and ensures the quality of your products, while our Marketing and SEO specialists manage the positioning and ongoing success of your brand.

Your Goals

Your goals are the foundation of our partnership and dictate our strategy. We take the time to learn about your vision to ensure we build you the brand of your dreams.

Industry leaders

With over a half decade of experience building thriving Amazon stores, we consistently deliver successful products swiftly, allowing you to avoid beginner mistakes.

Zero Risk

With our vast network of vetter service providers at your fingertips, you have the unique opportunity to hit the ground running without risk and uncertainty. Let us do all of the heavy liftings for you

Personalized Strategy

Having a thorough understanding of your goals and your particular situation is critical for a successful partnership. We take time to truly understand where you are and what the best path to success is for you.

Global Network

Our global network of partners, suppliers, freight forwarders, agents, and specialists enables us to launch winning products at lightning speed.


Our curated roster of experts spans far beyond product development and marketing. Highly specialized lawyers, patenting, trademarking, licensing, and certification agents are all at your disposal.

Unique Process

Our unique process for research and development has been honed and fine-tuned over the years to provide you with the fastest speed to market.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to commonly raised questions.

Am I responsible for creating and registering my brand?

Yes, creating your brand and everything involved in this process (e.g. creating the logo, registering for a trademark etc) needs to be completed by you. This is the best way to ensure the brand is entirely yours, both from an ownership and creative standpoint. While we do not complete these steps for you, we will offer you detailed support regarding the easiest way to do everything here, including the (minimal) costs involved and our top suggestions for freelancers who can support in this process.

Will I be selling in more than one marketplace?

This is not required, but yes it is possible and presents a great opportunity. If you want to leverage the full potential of Amazon’s multiple marketplaces our model can plug you into these expansion possibilities.

Can I choose my own product?

No. During the kickoff meeting with your client success manager you have the ability to choose one or more niches of interest. You can also specify any niches you’d like to avoid. We’ll then find the right product for you based on analytical data and research. It is via this process that we are able to ensure your product will be successful.

How many points of contact will I have within the agency?

Normally, you will have one sales agent and one success manager as your points of contact. To ensure clear communication and steady service, they will be the liaisons between you and the various departments working on your project.

How much is the fee?

Our fees are result and target based. Once we identify your goals and determine the appropriate number of products to start with, we’ll provide a customized proposal.

Are there any case studies?

Due to GDPR (General Data Protection & Regulation) it has become very difficult for us to share case studies without giving away too much information about our other clients and their businesses. Currently, we have 250+ clients and over 400+ products. Once you are on board, our Done4You service will focus on creating a unique success story particular to you.